Website Designing Policy

  1. The client may come up with requirements, expectations, guidelines & suggestions however at the end Shaurya Software  is responsible for managing these parameters and applying it's own vision to come up with the best and most adequate design and solution.  It is important to give the company creative freedom without which innovation wouldn’t be possible.
  2. There are certain rules that have to be considered while making a website like relevance, readability, simplicity, colour theory and accessibility. All these parameters need to be considered so in a way we can say design is objective because tools and rules are applied while creating visuals.  Changes in these are on the sole discreation of the designer.
  3. The website will be shared with the client before deployment.  After deployment a review period of 15 days is available after which major changes in design won’t be incorporated.
  4. It is mandatory for the school to provide the following resources:

    a) High definition and relevant pictures for the website slideshow.
    b) High definition logo of school ( png or ai format)
    c) Relevant content for homepage and content pages.

  5. Within a week of deployment the website management console will be handed over to the school and changes in content pages, updation of news & events, etc. will be conducted by the school however the control on home page will remain with Shaurya Software to avoid disruption in design.