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SHAURYA SOFTWARE was established in year 1998 and thereafter always focused on software needs of schools with in-depth research and analysis with a vision to give the best School ERP Software Solution.  We were probably the first to give a complete "Fee Solution" to schools in Foxpro under Dos platform, which became popular as "Stufee" among several public schools within 2-3 years.

In year 2004, we upgraded all our clients with Windows version of Stufee from older Dos version and developed other school modules like: payroll, library and result etc. In year 2009, we successfully launched the web version of Stufee introducing and implementing the latest technology using Microsoft ASP.Net with Sql Server 2010 database. It has been an evolving journey, learning all three generations of technology, mastering core school admin requirements based on their ground realities, providing them the simplest graphical user interface.

Based on huge goodwill and trust shown by our clients, on 4th April, 2011, we converted our firm into a private limited company with a vision to produce the best and cost effective "Integrated School ERP Solution" with a unique concept of "cloud computing from our universal web application” ie. a system on the cloud having advantages and flexibility to absorb the requirements of all possible schools. Over the years we achieved all our clients only by word of mouth because our main focus and concern has always been client satisfaction and giving them a robust application. Today, we have a client base of more than 100 public schools across India. Click here to read more about our services.

Stufee is our premier base product and has been a result base of 15 years of in-depth research and analysis. In our experience, a good fee process must not be limited to its collections and accounting alone but more importantly to underlying issues and problems that schools face and that is what Stufee offers; a comprehensive system, designed and tested over the past 16 years dealing with the complexities of more than 100 public schools having multiple branches with students strength increasing every year. Stufee not only takes care of the school revenue meeting the requirements of users, management and school auditors, but also provides a robust student database.

ShauryaSoft's Cloud 9 School Erp Solution comprises of the following modules :

  1. Student Information & Fee Management System (Popularly known as Stufee over 15 years)
  2. Attendance, Homework & Parent Teacher Communication System
  3. CCE Result Management System
  4. Dynamic Website Application Console
  5. Parent and Teacher Dash Board System (Redirected from School's Website)
  6. Online Payment Gateway (Integrated with School's Website, Fee Module and Parent Dash Board)
  7. Payroll & Human Resource Management
  8. Library Management System
  9. School Transport and GPRS Tracking System (Integrated with Google Maps, SMS and Parent Dash Board)
  10. Others

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